Our invaluable service is to provide you with a minimum of three unbiased estimates from reputable, experienced and fair professionals, to ensure that you are not being misled in any way, either by overpaying for the work that is required or by doing any unnecessary repairs to steer you through compliance.

You are required to engage a licensed architect, appropriately licensed home inspector, civil or structural engineer, or a C5 or B licensed general contractor.

You will be provided an estimate to create a report, citing any needed repairs for any of the designated elevated elements at your property.

After submitting the report, you will have 120 days to get a permit for any needed repairs and an additional 120 days to complete said repairs. The first inspection is due on or before January 1, 2025, with follow up inspections every six years for apartments and nine years for condos.

We understand the industry lingo and the intricacies of the bill and how to safely and legally comply without breaking the bank!

As per Senate Bills 326 and 721, Condos and Apartment respectively, building balconies, stairways, decks and walkways must be inspected for any signs of structural weakness to ensure that they meet the standard safety guidelines and are up to the California code.

Ensuring that these elements are structurally sound and stable, do not show any signs of deterioration, (most typically caused by poor drainage), dry rot, mildew, mold, rust or any signs of a pest infestation that can and have led to a dangerous collapse.

Recommendations for repairs or replacements, or a clean bill of health, will follow the inspection to satisfy the City’s mandate.

If and only if required…

Get Up To Three (3) Comparable Inspection, And Repair Quotes If Necessary.
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