Get 3 Independent Estimates For

SB 326 (condos) & SB 721 (Apartments) repairs

Potentially Save Up To 40% On Construction!

Welcome to Balcony & Deck Advisors, your premier partner for balcony and deck inspection and repair services in compliance with California Senate Bills 326 and 721. Our mission is to safeguard your property by ensuring your balconies, decks, stairways, and walkways are structurally sound, free from deterioration, and fully compliant with California’s stringent safety standards.

In response to the mandates of SB 326 and SB 721, property owners are required to engage a licensed professional—be it an architect, home inspector, civil or structural engineer, or a C5 or B licensed general contractor—for the inspection and repair of elevated exterior elements. Balcony & Deck Advisors specializes in streamlining this process for you.

Our comprehensive service offers a seamless experience by providing a minimum of three impartial estimates from vetted, experienced, and equitable professionals. This ensures you receive transparent advice and fair pricing, avoiding overcharges or unnecessary repairs, thus steering you smoothly through compliance requirements.

Upon engaging our services, you will receive a detailed estimate for the creation of a report that identifies any necessary repairs for your property’s elevated elements. Following the report submission, you have a timeline of 120 days to obtain the required permits for any needed repairs, with an additional 120 days to complete these repairs. The initial inspection deadline is set for January 1, 2025, with subsequent inspections every six years for apartments and nine years for condos.

Balcony & Deck Advisors understands the complexity of these legal requirements and the importance of ensuring your property meets the California code for safety guidelines. Our expert team is adept at navigating the industry’s intricacies, offering cost-effective solutions to comply with the law safely and legally.

Our goal is to ensure your property’s elevated elements are free from issues like poor drainage, dry rot, mildew, mold, rust, or pest infestations that could lead to structural failure. Following our thorough inspection, we will provide recommendations for necessary repairs, replacements, or issue a clean bill of health to satisfy city mandates and guarantee the safety and integrity of your property.

Trust Balcony & Deck Advisors to be your ally in maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance for your balconies and decks, ensuring peace of mind for property owners across California.